‘Twas the night before filming, when all through the agency Lights and decor were strung about aimlessly. Dance moves were practiced, as were flips of the hair In hopes that we could pull off Rocky’s vision with flair. Lumineers arrived the next day in holiday attire, One could never guess what then transpired! Melissa […]

        By now, surely you’ve heard the spiel on how important UX/UI (a.k.a. User Experience/User Interface) is for your website. However, UX/UI is always evolving, and we are continuously seeing new trends that can enhance your digital platforms. One example that is changing the UX/UI game, is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). AMPs […]

Innovation (n):

September 15, 2017 by Cara Stellato

The term “innovative” is a widely used word within the marketing and digital agency world. Most agencies use this word to describe their culture and/or their “unique” way of performing their key agency functions and capabilities. However, as unique as this term is meant to be, its use is no longer as innovative as most […]

‘First Impressions Matter’… and here at Lumi Agency, we think first impressions are especially important when it comes to new team members joining the Lumi family. After all, they are the ones that make the magic happen day in and day out, and we want them to know right from the start, that we genuinely […]

Meet Victoria

June 1, 2017 by Emma Bond

Meet Victoria, our quick-witted Interactive Designer. From the moment we hired Victoria, we knew her ability to think outside-the-box would take our design skills to the next level. A little background about Victoria: Victoria grew up in East Hartford, Connecticut, and has always been drawn to the arts. From a young age, she was constantly […]

Meet Jenny

May 5, 2017 by Emma Bond

Meet Jenny, our vivacious Account Producer. Along with her ability to tackle any project head on, Jenny always has a positivity and excitement about her work. I mean, her favorite quote describes her perfectly (you’ll have to read on to find that out). A little about her: Jenny grew up just over the river from […]

We’ve all seen their online profiles. Beautifully filtered and filled with trendy outfits, in the coolest places, with good-looking friends, and topped off with a glass of rosé. Maybe you’ve even wondered what it’s like to be them (let’s be real…I know I have). We know (or at least we think) these people have amazingly […]

Paris Hilton: SodaStream Paris Hilton rocks a cape made of plastic bottles that apparently were all found in the stomachs of sea turtles. Before the video even ended, I found myself looking at the NanoDrop hoax website for pricing of this “5,000 times as hydrating as regular water” product, and how I could get my […]

Meet Julia

March 17, 2017 by Emma Bond

Meet Julia, our “free-spirited,” grammar correcting, animal loving, Marketing Coordinator. We knew that she would be a perfect addition to Lumi when we caught her slyly busting our water cooler guy’s chops immediately after her first interview. A little background: Julia grew up in West Hartford with her (also animal loving) mom, hard-working father, and […]

Battle of the Bookings: How Airbnb is Changing the Hospitality Industry It’s no secret that Airbnb has been one of, if not the largest, disruptors in the travel and hospitality industry of the 21st century. Ever since Airbnb stepped into the game in 2008, the credible accommodation site has continuously optimized their platform to be […]

Meet Jess

February 28, 2017 by Emma Bond

“In the end, that is what my job is all about… making sure the client is happy.” Meet Jess, or ‘Messy Jessie’ as we call her, an Account Producer here at Lumi. Jess not only works magic across her accounts but also brings a positive energy into the office each day.   A little background: […]

seasons greetings from Lumi

Seasons Greetings!

December 20, 2016 by The Lumi Team

Happy Holidays from our Lumi family to yours!  

Every year agencies feel the pressure to create some spectacular holiday cards or gifts to impress their clients. Sometimes we get down to the wire and send a fruit basket instead… but for those agencies who pull it off, we had to give some props. Here are some of our favorite holiday cards and gifts […]

Meet Peter

August 25, 2016 by Peter Cahill

“ Hello, Guten Tag, Suh Dude. My name is Peter, Pete or Petey as those in the office have come to call me. I am a Jr. Designer and Front End Developer here at Lumi. “


Meet Emma

August 24, 2016 by Emma Bond

Hi, I’m Bond…. Emma Bond. One of Lumi’s newest interns.

I’m not sure if I was hired because of my “awesome name”, or because I felt right at home the minute I stepped into my interview. Whichever the reason, I’m beyond psyched to be a part of Lumi and the #agencylife.

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