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April Fools’ Day 2017: A Lumi Low-down on This Years’ Funniest Brand Hoaxes

April 4, 2017 by Rocky

Paris Hilton: SodaStream

Paris Hilton rocks a cape made of plastic bottles that apparently were all found in the stomachs of sea turtles. Before the video even ended, I found myself looking at the NanoDrop hoax website for pricing of this “5,000 times as hydrating as regular water” product, and how I could get my hands on a 6 pack. Paris, that’s hot.

Google Play for Pets

This ad illustrates the idea of a new category in the Google Play Store which allows your pets to be occupied when you’re not around. A dream come true, right? As farfetched as it sounds (pun intended), I did find myself chuckling at the chicken playing Angry Birds. Check out this adorable joke below.

Zappos – The In Secure Box

I bet if you’re like me, you get nervous leaving your important packages unattended. Well, have no fear! Zappos introduced their ‘In Secure Box’ on Saturday; A thiefproof packaging box that eliminates package theft. How? By being invisible.

Introducing HALLMARK-E

Hallmark-E could be your new personal assistant and quite possibly the best friend you could ever have. Her advanced emotional intelligence always knows what to say, what to remember and most importantly… she orders you chocolate and pizza after a bad date because she saw it coming.

Too good to be true? Meet her below.

McDonalds – The Micro Mac

Believe it or not, Summer is quickly approaching. Looking to cut down your meal size for the upcoming bikini season? McDonald’s knows where your heads at, so they launched a new advertisement catered to you. “The MicroMac”: 1/48th the size of the original Big Mac, because sometimes you’re only a little bit hungry.