Designing a Brand Story

March 2, 2018 by Lumi Agency

With so much noise encapsulating today’s digital experience, it can be challenging for brands to break through and resonate with their audiences. By designing a good brand story, intrinsic to a company’s core values and relative to their target audience, brands can power through and influence followers, old and new. And, because “Designing a Brand Story” needs to be effective and integrated, we went around asking our different strategists about this very topic and what it means to them. Our findings may be worth considering before going to storyboard your brand identity and next strategic campaign.

Victoria Edgar

“In order to create a successful brand story from a design perspective you need to of course understand the brand but more importantly, you need to have a very deep understanding of your audience/user. Start by learning everything you possibly can about them: their likes, dislikes, their day-to-day, their pain points, their dreams and aspirations; figure out what sites/apps they use, what functionality they are accustomed to and improve on that. Something that will make you successful is to talk to your users and don’t assume you know how they feel and what is on their “bug list”. People want to connect with a person not just a faceless company. As a designer, you are creating that face and the personality to the brand.”

-Victoria, Interactive Design


Michael Gwiazdowski

“Search marketing at Lumi focuses on building trust with our clients’ customers by leveraging their internal resources. Our first step in building that trust, is by designing a brand story that identifies the way an end user searches and, more importantly, how we want them to feel once they do happen upon our brand. Taking this initial step really informs our strategy and allows us to develop a holistic approach when developing and optimizing our story.”

– Mike, Search Strategy


rocky antolini

“A good branding strategist marries the relationship between content and search to create a narrative that is authentic to the brand, ultimately generating a comprehensive brand identity. This process focuses on formulating guidelines that touch on everything from color, the logo usages to verbiage, punctuation and creative do’s and don’ts, and hashtags. This process establishes a defined consistency that design and social can utilize when creating content.”

– Rocky, Brand Strategy


Emma Bond

“A good content strategist is able to help build and narrate a brand story by leveraging strategy; deep diving into research and insights to really understand what the customer or end user is searching for, talking about, and feeling. By putting yourself in their shoes, you’re able to map out their wants, needs and pain points in order to formulate an educated brand story that can effectively resonate with your target audience and, most importantly, generate response.”

– Emma, Content Strategy


Amanda Call

“Social media is an invaluable tool from both a personal and professional standpoint. In the same way that we can use social media to connect with other people, brands can use social media to connect with their customers and ultimately to tell their story. A good Social Media Strategist understands not only the brand’s story and how to tell it, but how to relate to the customers and adapt the messaging. Since social media is ever evolving and changing, it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse, while still maintaining an authentic point of view.”

– Amanda, Social Strategy


meg buda

“Through public relations, we can use editorial forecasting and influencer relations to help inform our strategies and brand stories across all digital channels. PR is like the bookends for storytelling, starting with editorial forecasting to help develop the content and then ending with influencer relations to identify who we think would be best suited to disseminate the content.”

– Meg, PR Strategy