happy holidays from lumi

Epic Agency Holiday Cards

December 1, 2016 by The Lumi Team

Every year agencies feel the pressure to create some spectacular holiday cards or gifts to impress their clients. Sometimes we get down to the wire and send a fruit basket instead… but for those agencies who pull it off, we had to give some props. Here are some of our favorite holiday cards and gifts from agencies in the past.

Ogilvy & Mather Paris

Gosh, when you think of it, it’s all so obvious. Ogilvy & Mather Paris had some fun with “testing” Christmas and the “results” are hilarious.

Sanders / Wingo

This is hilarious…must watch…can’t ignore. Definitely the funny favorite – and sadly way too true for all creative agencies as many of you know. I hope that none of you bare the responsibility this year, although many of us must.

Droga5 New York
Well this might now be the client’s favorite – but agency folks will love it! While closed between Dec. 24 – Jan. 4, the agency sent out a answering service number for clients to call which featured 45 custom messages, “including a holiday greeting from David Droga; Ted Royer impersonating David’s greeting; 5 holiday songs on the didgeridoo and so much more holiday cheer.”

closed for the holidays

Exit10 Themes

Now this holiday card is fun to watch… Every employee getting smashed in the face with snowballs in slow motion. Perfection.


You can’t help but smile at this fun-loving idea. Mosaic had all four offices (372 total people) sing along to create their very own pop-up choir. They actually sound pretty good, and while we assume there were many moans and groans getting employees to do this, they genuinely look like they are having fun in the video. Love it!