Get to Know Lumi.

April 2, 2016 by The Lumi Team

Lumi – pronounced (LOO-me), has meanings tied to people, humanity, luminary, and mankind – and as any good marketer knows, our work is meant to create those meaningful connections between brands and people.  So, I guess you could say we’re kind of like match makers for your business! Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we help showcase your brand story and start to build an authentic community of customers and partners.

We should also throw in that according to Urban Dictionary (which is an entirely reputable source), Lumi also means the best of the best, proving it must be true.


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We’re pretty much the epitome of creative agencies; specializing in branding, content marketing, web development, SEO strategy, social media, analytics and more. We take pride in our ability to create meaningful experiences with your consumers whether it be through providing an amazing user experience online, or an unforgettable offline adventure.

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The Lumi team is constantly researching trends and inspiration that will help to bring our clients innovative, game changing ideas. Our job is to inform you of exciting new tips and techniques that are vital to keep your business ahead of the game, as well as the best practices that will keep you grounded so you can measure success.

We also want to give our readers a sneak peek into our very own Lumi lifestyle – such as our people and culture, our client work, what gets us motivated in our daily #agencylife, and more – so you can truly get to know us Lumi-toons.

We hire individuals who are passionate about finding creative solutions, and who are always up for a challenge. And we are always looking for new talent that can bring unique skillsets and backgrounds to the table, because the more diversity in the room, the more interesting the ideas become! So for you individuals that think you are up to the challenge of working at Lumi, keep a lookout for new job postings.

We hope that you stay up to date with our upcoming posts – and become our newest cyber friend. Heck, drop by the office if you are in the area and you can come see the magic fly in person as well! Our door is always open, and the beer is always cold.