Lumi: A boutique, powerful,
women-owned agency

March 8, 2018 by Kristin McNulty

When the idea of a typical advertising agency comes to mind, it can be easy to think of it as being synonymous with seasoned men in powerful suits running powerful campaigns for powerful companies. But, here at Lumi, we are an agile, equal opportunity employer, founded by two women who value the smart people that make the work go round. And, to us, that’s where the power really lies.

“Based off of our experiences working in the agency world, Melissa and I wanted to create a company where our team members felt valued. We look for smart, ambitious people who want to hustle everyday because they are consistently seeing their hard work impact the work they do for our clients, as well as the contributions they provide internally to our agency.

I worked at an agency as a developer for over two years where I was the only girl, but I’ve never felt that being a woman prevented me from excelling and making my imprint in this industry. Melissa and I are always able to confidently walk into a boardroom together knowing that can share our expertise and knowledge with those whom we are presenting to, and we have been excited to see the other women in our office grow in that confidence, as well.”

– Cara Stellato, Co-Founder


“I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business; of creating something out of nothing and watching it grow. And, when Cara and I began working together, the pieces really fell into place. We both had a passion for not only the work, but for creating an agency where employees could thrive and feel empowered to make a difference; not to mention our skillsets perfectly complimented the other’s.

In today’s age, it still surprises me that some men don’t always take two young women seriously; they seem surprised to learn we are the co-founders of a digitally driven agency. That is until they realize what a force we really are. I really enjoy showing those doubters what we can do, especially on the technical side.

We employ a lot of strong women here at Lumi Agency, which is something we are very proud of. And I’m extremely excited to watch them grow into successful leaders as they progress in their careers.”

– Melissa Melonson, Co-Founder