Meet Emma

August 24, 2016 by Emma Bond

Hi, I’m Bond…. Emma Bond. One of Lumi’s newest interns.

I’m not sure if I was hired because of my “awesome name”, or because I felt right at home the minute I stepped into my interview. Whichever the reason, I’m beyond psyched to be a part of Lumi and the #agencylife.


A little background:
Emma grew up in Westchester, NY with an artist mom, an architect dad and two older brothers. Throughout her childhood, she was always encouraged by her parents to live life creatively and to follow whatever path she desired. She had the type of childhood where instead of getting scolded for fighting with her brothers, she was told to sit down with a box of crayons and draw out how she was feeling (we really wish we could see some of that artwork).

Emma never really had quite the typical “college experience.” She went from going to FIT as a fashion design major, to Westchester Community College as a business admin major, to being currently enrolled in Pace as a marketing major. While it took her a while to figure out her path, she eventually found a major that intertwined all of her interests and passions.

Her passion for marketing:
Emma didn’t think of marketing as an option until her first intro class in college as a business admin major. She loved the fact that marketing is a mix of the structured business world with the creative/psychological side of advertising. She’s now about to graduate from Pace University in the Spring and couldn’t be more ecstatic to work in all the facets of marketing.

Favorite Accessory:
If there’s one thing that Emma always has on her desk, it’s her Swell bottle – “Because I drink about a gallon of water a day and it always keeps my water as ice cold as promised.”



Emma’s favorite hobbies:
Emma’s hobbies have kind of evolved over the years – she went from being one of those kids in high school who spent all of their free time in the art room (including lunch) to spending her free time at the gym/exercising and learning about nutrition. She loves being active but at the end of the day she’s almost always relaxing on the couch watching The Office.

Quote to live by: “Don’t be a don’ter.”

Emma’s parting words:
“Finding what you want to do in life can be hard.. and even harder for some. But when you work in a field that you’re passionate about, everything seems to come together. The aspect I love most about marketing is that it’s always changing – which means I’m always learning.

Lumi has grown so much in just the brief amount of time that I’ve been here and it’s exciting to be part of the initial growth. Thank you Lumi for the opportunity to intern here, and while it will eventually come to an end, this agency will always be the place where I learned that work can be a place that you look forward to going to.. even after a long eventful weekend.”