Buddy and Rosie

Meet Jenny

May 5, 2017 by Emma Bond

Meet Jenny, our vivacious Account Producer. Along with her ability to tackle any project head on, Jenny always has a positivity and excitement about her work. I mean, her favorite quote describes her perfectly (you’ll have to read on to find that out).


A little about her:
Jenny grew up just over the river from Lumi, in Glastonbury, CT. She currently lives with her fiancè, Erik, as well as her fur baby, Rosie the Riveter, who is a year and a half old Black lab. Our office pup, Buddy, is just as ecstatic to have Jenny in the office as we are, because, Jenny = Rosie, and Rosie and Buddy are the best of friends.

Rosie and Buddy

Past work experience:
Jenny became hooked on digital media when she first started working at Vevo in NYC. By working in advertising operations, she learned how impactful advertising is for brands. She also learned a lot about marketing in general from living in the city and interacting with different types of people with unique interests and backgrounds, “It’s such an inspiring place.”

Jenny also worked at a digital marketing agency as a digital strategist, where she gained valuable experience working on a variety of projects – email marketing, SEO/PPC, social media, website design/development.. you name it. All of Jenny’s combined experience prepared her for a position at Lumi and taught her how important digital marketing is for any business, big and small. It has also taught her that good communication is the key to success.

Favorite hobbies:
Jenny’s favorite hobbies are photography, hiking with Rosie, exploring new places, spending time on her family’s boat in the summer (“taking it to Block Island, a.k.a best island in the world!”). Although she claims she’s a terrible cook, she’s a big foodie, so like she rest of us, she enjoys trying and tasting new cuisine.

Something you’re passionate about:
Photography is one of Jenny’s biggest passions. She is currently trying to grow her photography skills so she’s been shadowing her wedding photographer to learn her technique.

Favorite saying:
“Do all things with kindness.”

Do All Things With Kindness Quote

Favorite office accessory:
The office espresso machine.

Parting words:
“I couldn’t be happier to have joined the Lumi team and to be a part of its initial success. While it may sound cliche, if there’s anything I’ve learned from working at a startup it’s that – teamwork makes the dream work!”