Jess & Julia

Meet Julia

March 17, 2017 by Emma Bond

Meet Julia, our “free-spirited,” grammar correcting, animal loving, Marketing Coordinator. We knew that she would be a perfect addition to Lumi when we caught her slyly busting our water cooler guy’s chops immediately after her first interview.

A little background:
Julia grew up in West Hartford with her (also animal loving) mom, hard-working father, and older sister. Growing up, her parents coined her as a free spirit since she would always dance to the beat of her own drum. Fun fact: unlike your typical elementary schooler, her first-grade birthday party was zoo themed. A ton of exotic animals were brought to her house, including a baby kangaroo, komodo dragon, and hedgehogs…” it was THE COOLEST birthday party ever.” (Talk about every kid’s dream)

Past experience:
Julia is a recent University of South Carolina alumni. When she entered college, she was a finance and risk management double major. It took her some time to realize the field she truly saw herself in, but what helped make her decision were the teachings of her marketing professor while studying abroad in Rome, Italy. He opened her eyes to the many possibilities of the marketing world and how it could grow and transform in the future. She was soon convinced that a career in marketing would allow her to use her passions, strengths, and creativity to their fullest. While studying abroad and throughout college thereafter, she read a lot about different marketing careers and the type of work that each entailed. She knew just what to do to stand out and certified herself in both HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Google AdWords. When it came time for graduation, she was up to date on the latest marketing trends and to this day still makes sure she’s staying relevant. One of our favorite aspects about Julia is that you can always find her researching, reading articles, and finding ways to continuously to improve her work. Just ask her what the latest marketing buzz is and she’ll tell you.

Favorite Hobbies:
Julia’s favorite hobbies are cooking, traveling, interior design (this came in handy during our office move) and of course, playing with dogs. Looks like Julia came to the right place…

Something unique about Julia:
Julia taught herself how to use a computer when she was only two and then went on to teach her babysitter how to use it (power move).

Favorite Quote:
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

Favorite office accessory:
Her Anthropologie candle.

Parting Lumi words:
“Working at Lumi has been such an amazing learning experience. I love how my job title doesn’t define my everyday work. Every time I come to work, I am encouraged to try new things and am given opportunities that help further my marketing knowledge. It’s hard to find a job that you enjoy coming to every day, but Lumi is something special. The company has grown so much since I started in September, and it’s exciting to know that without a doubt, our current successes will have a positive impact on the growth in our future.”