Meet Peter

August 25, 2016 by Peter Cahill

“ Hello, Guten Tag, Suh Dude. My name is Peter, Pete or Petey as those in the office have come to call me. I am a Jr. Designer and Front End Developer here at Lumi. “


A little background:
Peter grew up in the small town of upstate Marion, NY, in a close knit family of five, surrounded by (as you can guess) lots of farmland and trees, his high school was so small that he swears he could tell you the names of every single person he graduated high school with, as well as what sport they played (now that would kill some time).

Peter always loved growing up in a small town, but after he graduated college he felt the urge to adventure into a different environment. He didn’t want to settle down quite yet and wanted to experience something other than the #upstatelife. When Peter saw a Lumi job posting online, he took a leap and applied, because not only did he think he’d be a perfect fit at our agency, but he thought that Connecticut would be a great fit for him as well.

As you can guess, Peter quickly became part of the Lumi family. There’s never a day that goes by that Peter doesn’t ask you how your weekend/night was. His constant positivity and talent is what makes Lumi a happy, healthy, productive team.

His passion for web development:
Peter didn’t discover his passion for web development and design until his second year at Finger Lakes Community College, when he was thrown into an intro html/css class. He was immediately fascinated by how you can build websites from start to finish; “how you can build certain spaces on the web that allow users to find endless information, a space where users can connect and interact with each other.”

A completely unrelated picture of Cara and Peter spitting out HTML jargon at their makeshift conference table in IKEA.

A completely unrelated picture of Cara and Peter spitting out HTML jargon at their makeshift conference table in IKEA.


Peter’s hobbies:
Peter will always be a country boy at heart who enjoys everything outdoor; hunting, fishing, boating – you name it. He recently brought his boat over from NY to CT and although it was quite the struggle to get his license, he now has a piece of his hometown sentiment right here on a mooring in Essex.

Favorite office accessories:
You can find Peter groovin’ out with his headphones about 80% of the day. Which brings us to his favorite office accessory – his Skullcandy wildlife printed headphones. He claims that in order to get in the coding or designing groove, he needs to groove. “Nah Mean?” Yeah. we know what you mean Peter.


Quote to live by:
“Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abe Lincoln

His parting words:
“I am really stoked to have been given a chance by the Lumi team and am looking forward to growing personally and professionally with this awesome group of individuals.

Catch you on the flip side!”