Meet Rocky!

March 6, 2018 by Emma Bond

rocky antolini

Rocky walks into the office around 8:40 AM to a perfectly empty room, places his Dunkin Donuts iced coffee on his desk, pulls out his eco-friendly stainless steel straw, and flips his hair into a perfectly sustained swoosh. As he sits down at his well-organized desk, he pulls out his notebook to brainstorm ideas for his clients.

Flipping back to the first few pages of Rocky’s notebook dated February 2017, it’s evident he was hired at Lumi for his innate sense of creativity, diverse portfolio, and killer Instagram feed. He’s been creating and revamping social strategies for brands here at Lumi since day one. Rocky is savvy in all things social; from copywriting and design to community management and platform strategy. He’s even helped Lumi become in touch with their authentic selves as they continue to establish their own brand identity. 

Armed with an art degree, Rocky spent his undergrad taking design classes, building large-scale sculptures, and studying art history in every museum. Ask him any question about the Capital City’s Wadsworth Atheneum, and he’ll have an (entirely accurate) response in the blink of an eye. Immediately after graduation, Rocky put his unique skill-set to work and started his freelance endeavors. Before he knew it, he was managing social accounts for various brands and restaurant groups all over Connecticut and NYC. Eventually, he decided a work-family was what he really needed and interviewed here at Lumi. Before we even met, it was love at first sight (of his work). And well, you know the rest. 

Rocky Grant

When the sun starts to go down, Rocky closes his laptop and packs it away. He drives through the never-ending I-84 traffic while jamming out to LANY. When he gets home, he spends the rest of the night babying his English Bulldog, Santino and going on his semi-religious run at 6:45 PM before crawling into his effortlessly made bed. There he lays, prepping for the next Lumi day and scrolling through his perfectly curated Instagram feed.