Tanda Hospitality

Experiential Design

Lumi approached Chef Tyler Anderson, owner of Tanda Hospitality, with a new concept to partner on through the winter of 2020 when restaurants needed to innovate in order to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our join efforts, we created a progressive, immersive dining experience that would provide a safe and unique experience for consumers.

Yes or No Morgan, a Progressive Dining Experience

The idea was this; we would take over 21 hotel rooms in the Goodwin Hotel (where Chef Tyler owns the signature restaurant), and transform them into private dining rooms, even removing the beds to make way for beautiful dining tables. Upon arrival each evening, guests would be transported back in time to the early 1900's when the likes of J.P. Morgan and Mark Twain frequented this very hotel. Each party would be greeted by a charismatic and gossipy librarian (who may have even been rumored to be a mistress of good old J.P. Morgan), before given a room key to which they would escort themselves.

Once in their private room, guests will find they are immersed in an ongoing story that unveils itself through clues, notes, telephone calls and more, all while enjoying a three course meal prepared by the renowned Chef Anderson. Even the food may have special messages or interactive components to keep our guests entertained.

Experience Design.

Lumi's role was to ideate the concept, and design the experience from start to finish - always adding Chef's culinary genius throughout the experience. Lumi recruited the talent for the experience, produced the promo reel, executed PR, strategized and managed organic promotion, and launched social media advertising to local and regional consumers.

Your evening at The Goodwin will transport you back to the 1800’s as we tell the story of J.P. Morgan’s life — a man so bold that he was known by his peers as “Yes-or-No Morgan”.