What We Do

Our creative department dreams up ideas that will hit an emotional connection with your consumer, while our analytics team keeps us grounded and focused on goals. Our development team can build the needed platforms, and our search and advertising specialists get it found by your target customer. In short, our teams work hand in hand throughout each process to ensure you have a holistic and robust strategy that will meet your marketing goals.

Creative Strategy

Smart Design.

Marketing strategists and creative artists work hand in hand to create magic.


Wordpress. SaaS. iOS Apps.

Our developers can build anything you can dream up. Really, anything.


Paid Media. Search. Social.

Once it is built, we get the right customers to it at the right time.


Traffic. Onsite Activity. Conversions.

Everyone needs to be held accountable. We scrutinize the results and optimize.

Surround Yourself

With Those on the Same Mission as You

Our Philosophy

We are a collection of individuals who are driven by inspiration, passion, desire, energy - that we translate into masterful pieces of work for clients. We work hard, because we have some hefty goals.

No matter the client nor the project, we work towards creating:

Emotional Connections

We strive to reach your audience in an impactful way, that will trigger feelings of emotion.

Brand Culture

To create an organic brand culture should be the goal of every brand. If you can achieve this, you have advocates for life.

Brand Experiences

We aren't talking free samples - We mean giving your consumers an experience (online or offline) that they will want to brag about.

Brand Affinity

Our goal is to inspire love for your brand. We want them to feel butterflies when they hear your name.

Our Teams

Lumi Services

Client Services

Top Notch Service, Everyday.

Our client services team has years of experience, and each has their own proven track record of excellence. They are the face of our company day to day, and essentially become part of your team (and usually a good friend as well!). Proactive, friendly, and super smart. What else could you ask for?

Lumi Services

Strategy & Creative Team

The Smartists, as we like to call them.

In many cases Marketing Strategists come up with a plan and then the Designer will execute that plan into a visual piece, and usually that piece is…boring. We have found that forcing the “smart people” to work hand in hand with the “visionaries” provides ideas that are never boring. Artists look at problems or goals with a different eye and often their solutions are pretty amazing. You just have to ask!

Lumi Services

Technical Team

They can build you anything (in code).

Once you have a vision – we take it to this team to make a reality. Our Project Managers work with you from ideation, to development, to testing and launch to ensure an efficient and pleasant project experience. Our PM’s are backed by seasoned developers with knowledge of HTML/CSS/jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, Drupal, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, as well as, iOS & Android Development.

Lumi Services

Distribution Teams

Buzz. Excitement. Traffic. Conversions.

Once you have a campaign, website, or other platform built – you need to get it found. That’s where our distribution specialists come in. We create a customized plan for generating impressions, traffic and ultimately conversions – all based on your marketing objectives. Our experts cover across Natural Search, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, so that we can get your content seen by the right customer at the right time.

Lumi Services

Analytics Team

They Keep Us Accountable.

So we came up with a killer idea, created the executional plan of a lifetime, and built all of the needed assets… now what? Enter our analytics team. They monitor progress, report insights and learnings, and OPTIMIZE. If you aren’t continuously optimizing, you aren’t improving. Our analytics specialists make our plans work hard, and deliver the results we need. You can’t argue data.

To Improve is to Change

To Perfect is to Change Often





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