Prudential Innovation Lab

Product Design

When Prudential's Innovation Lab approached Lumi to assist with the branding and creative design of a new product, we were all in. The product was a financial savings mobile app that would be used by their sponsor's employees, with the hope that it would launch to a much wider audience later on. When Lumi stepped in, we realized there was much to be done in order to hit the aggressive production timeline, so we got to work on a modified user flow, full brand development, full application screen design, copy and messaging. Oh, and we had to name the product. We arrived at the name Sage, for many reasons. The app itself was built to provide real life advice and guidance on how to build savings for the future, big and small. Sage advice being what it is; Sound, intelligent advice, especially coming from a wise or experienced person, seemed to be a perfect fit and a memorable and simple name.

Brand Identity Overview
Sage Experience Overview
Master Logo

UX/UI Design.

As the brand began to come to life, others on the team were hard at work on the User Experience and User Interface design work. While Prudential had a dedicated development team, Lumi was contracted to provide all screen designs and UIĀ kits to the development team and ensure that everything built followed a strict quality assurance review through our team.

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good." - Martin LeBlanc

Pilot Program.

The product was developed on time and on budget, pertaining to Lumi contracted requirements, and the best part was the work didn't end there. We were able to continue to bring this new product to life through the development of it's website, alongside a hybrid online and offline pilot program that was launched with a major children's hospital in Miami, FL.

Sage Website Homepage