City of Danbury

Website Redesign

Lumi was selected from an RFP process involving 25 other agencies to redesign their website. The old website was over 350 pages, clunky and badly needing a user experience upgrade. It was your typical local government website, and we were thrilled to hear they wanted to take some creative liberties and have this website stand out among other city websites.

Our agency re-architected the site so that it was first and foremost easy to navigate. Redeveloping the 350 page website sitemap to streamline the number of pages was the first step.

Working Sitemap

Being that the website housed several city departments, that all needed to be able to manage their own content and pages we also took careful consideration to plan the backend of the website, including permissions. We developed the site to be modular based so the city and associated departments could easily build new pages with the custom developed elements available to them which would result in flexibility for the departments, but a cohesive brand and user experience for the users. 

The result.

The project was completed on time and on budget, and received positive reviews upon launching the beta site and survey to local residents. Our team slimmed down the large, hard to navigate site from 350 pages to 120 pages, and successfully trained all admins from the mayor's office down to each department on how to properly update and maintain their pages on an ongoing basis. The client continued to work with us on ongoing security and maintenance post launch.

DANBURY-The launch of the city's sleek website last week was the first of four connectivity projects aiming to manage technology growth in Connecticut's fastest-growing city. The city's newly designed website, soft-launched last week, features a clean and simple design, with an emphasis on images and minimum text. The website easily adapts to the mobile devices people use today to connect to the internet, city officials said. - CTPOST