Bimbo Bakeries USA

Content Strategy

Cake, cake, cake... oops got a little carried away! The Innovation Studio at Bimbo Bakeries had developed a new product they were getting ready to launch, called Already Baked. The product was a pre-baked cake layers for those who love the art of cake decorating, but hate the baking. Lumi was quickly brought on to develop a social media and content strategy and to create social media advertising campaigns around the product launch.

Already baked Product Shot

The basis for our social media content was always aspirational but accessible. Cake decorating is such a fun hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone, especially when you realize all of your worst mistakes are still edible. We wanted consumers to feel the creativity, the playfulness, the imagination that can envelope this fun activity, and inspire everyone to have a go at it.

Overall Social Content Style

Social Media Moodboard for Inspiration
Social tone of voice from Brand Playbook

Creating authentic content.

At Lumi we believe that in order to create great content you need to immerse yourself in the brand (or cake in this case) and that's just what we did. We identified certain team members who had a creative hand that would be ideal for showcasing the beginner activities, and paired that content with widely know pastry chefs and cake decorators that could share the potential and fine-tuned skills that come with dedication. That mix gave us great ongoing content to keep the ideas and inspiration fresh and seasonally appropriate.

Sample Social Media Posts

The launch.

Lumi assisted the brand team with launching the new product via...

  • Shopify ecommerce website with direct to consumer bulk options
  • Shopify ecommerce website with a baking kit that was the product of a collaboration with a well known pastry chef
  • Amazon Fresh options for Prime Members with individually sold retail product

In coordination with the launch, Lumi managed an influencer campaign that recruited and coordinated with influential cake decorators online. Each engagement was measured on success, and the most engaged and results driven engagements usually resulted in follow up partnerships and ongoing content creation as an ambassador.